Our Staff and their hours

  • Dr Sonia Gomez-Paredes

    Hours Available:
    Monday – 8am to 6pm
    Tuesday – 8am to 6pm
    Wednesday – 8am to 6pm
    Thursday – 2pm to 6pm
    Friday- 8am to 6pm
    Saturday – 8am to 1:30pm (alternate Saturdays)
    Sunday – not available
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Meet our new Doctor;  Dr Aran Thangaratname.

It is with great pleasure that Sonia and her staff introduce Aran who will join the medical practice on 1 February 2021 for 6 months.

 Aran is currently a GP Registrar with EVGP training.  After graduating from Monash University in 2015, he completed his junior training at both the Frankston hospital and rural hospitals across Australia.

 In his free time, Aran likes to go travelling, hiking, live music and enjoying dinners with friends.

We trust everyone will make Aran feel very welcome.

  • Dr Aran Thangaratnam

    Part-time Hours Available:
    Monday – am to pm
    Tuesday – pm to pm
    Wednesday – not available
    Thursday – am to pm
    Friday- am to pm
    Saturday – am to pm
    Sunday – not available
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Onsite Nurse:   Sharyn & Jane (Tues. - Fri.)

Receptionists:   Victoria & Sam